What Did I Have to Lose – Episode 2

G and I were at a beach party at a fancy hotel last year. The music was reggae, we were drinking mojitos and everyone was lounging beachside. At the end of the night while we waited for friends we did something that most couples do without thinking – we kissed, until we received a tap on the shoulder.

“No kissing no kissing” said the security guard while waving a finger in our faces. It’s illegal for men and women to show displays of public affection in Qatar.

I’d forgotten about Kissinggate until this week’s filming of “What did I have to lose?” There’s so many little things that happen here that become everyday life. Things that you stop to question, they no longer seem outrageous and become perfectly acceptable.

After publishing the first episode of ‘What did I have to lose’ I anxiously waited for feedback on what I’d done wrong, what could be improved. The feedback came in the form of emails and comments with a common theme.  The cushion. “Really enjoyed it but please get rid of that apple cushion in the background”. And then “What was on that cushion? Was it a watermelon? Really distracting!”

The cushion is gone. This week’s filming disaster came in the final scene, it’s a bit fuzzy but I had to keep it in as I think what Maria had to say was so touching. Once again, I’d love to know your thoughts. Does it need music? Different questions? Shorter? Longer? This week we have Christine from Canada, Denise form Ireland, Jane from Scotland and Maria from the US. They all did a fantastic job while negotiating filming through a barking beagle and a very well behaved 3 year old wielding an iPad.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know your thoughts? You can subscribe to the Youtube channel if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the next one. And if you have a friend who you think will identify please feel free to share. What did you have to lose is all about a common conversation, letting others know that we’re all feeling the same way. You’re not alone out there. So, what did you have to lose?

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