The Lady Who Danced On The Internet

Back in 2011, I made my daily pilgrimage to Eden Riley’s blog and found this.

The little travellers (who were much more little) heard the music and asked to see what I was looking at. Eden became “the lady who danced on the internet”. They made their own video and I sent it off to Eden.

Over the years the lady who danced on the internet has featured in many of our conversations.

“Are you going to see the lady who danced on the internet when you go to Problogger?”

“Why are you crying Mum?”

“Oh I’m just reading something the lady who danced on the internet wrote.”

When I told the little travellers that the lady who danced on the internet was having a lip-synching competition they asked why. “Because she’s had a really tough year, her brother died because he was so sad. Maybe it’s her way of honouring him or maybe she’s just celebrating the ridiculous to try and get through the sadness.”

As we got ready for school later that week we saw Aunty Bianca join in. “See, Aunty Bianca is celebrating the ridiculous”.

And then, today, after a trip to the store for 4 red wigs and 4 pairs of black glasses  – they made this. THEY made this. I had nothing to do with it. Halfway through the first little traveller asked if I’d join in, “C’mon Mum, you should be in it. You could just walk through the clip and start dancing.” I am officially the worst actress on the planet (with the greasiest hair, no make-up and Friday afternoon sloth clothes).

And so, Eden. The lady who danced on the internet. I bring to you Qatar’s worst lip-synchers with the best of intentions “The Edens” The quality of film might not be fabulous (they filmed it on their own devices), but the content, oh the content, my four little Edens.


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