Bye Bye Kids, Bye Bye Suitcases…


I was at a networking event a couple of years ago when a man approached me to shake my hand. He took a look at my business card and asked “So, 4 kids, 20 suitcases…what is that, a nursery?”

I went through my usual spiel, the blog, the dog, the kids, the expat life in a nutshell – but I’d lost him, he was still back at the nursery, with the suitcases.

For years I’ve been told that the name of this blog is too long, too confusing. And for years I’ve said that if I had my time again, if I’d known that the blog was to going to have to have a name to fit on a business card –  I would have chosen something different.

I don’t think I would have though.

The name has huge sentimental reasons for me. It’s not so much about a name, it’s about a feeling, where the name takes me.

When we arrived in Doha for the very first time full of excitement and trepidation, we set up camp in our hotel room. After getting the kids to bed and lining up our suitcases tetris style to make our way to the bathroom, I opened the laptop to start this blog. What to call it? Did it matter? I had a look around the room; the four little travellers were lined up next to each other in fold out beds, I counted the suitcases, and thought about the barking beagle as she’d arrived at the baggage carousel. 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle.

This year at problogger I reconnected with a lot of bloggers I’d met before, but I also managed to introduce myself to a few that I hadn’t . When I introduced myself to Clint Greagen of Reservoir Dad I shook his hand “Hi, I’m Kirsty from 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle”.

After hesitating for a second he looked a little bewildered and said “Congratulations”.

He thought I’d said “Hi, I’m Kirsty and I’ve got 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle”.

Throughout the weekend I was introduced as the “kids and suitcases lady” or  “the lady with the suitcases and the beagle” or just “sorry, I know it’s 20 kids and 4 beagles but…” Twenty kids? That’s a whole other blog.

On the final day of the conference I said to my cousin and room mate, “You know, I’m not sure if people actually know the name of my blog, I think it might be a confusing” you know, because I’m quick on the uptake of all things branding.

“Kirsty, I’m your cousin, and I can’t even remember the name of your blog.” she giggled.

When I got back to Qatar I asked the kids what they thought. “4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle seems too long. What do you think would be a better blog name?”

“My mother is dead to me after dropping me from the name of her blog?” quipped the third little traveller “or is that too long?”

And so, I bring it to you. What are your thoughts? The website address for this blog is so absolutely nothing will change with how to find me. The logo will stay the same as it was designed by a beautiful friend of mine and I just love the artwork, particularly the picture she drew of the kids (and as you can see, my children would NEVER forgive me if I took their pics of the logo).

So, four choices. I’d love for you to vote a, b, c or d. Any ideas, got something better (this is clearly not my where my expertise lay).

a) The Expat Life

b) The Merry Expat

c) The Extraordinary Expat

d) The Exuberant Expat

Which one? Or what else?

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