Have We Missed The Point?

If you didn’t wake up in Australia this morning it’s highly possible you missed the breaking news that a football player urinated in his mouth over the weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. A drunk rugby league player stood by a urinal, pointed his willy toward his mouth and pee’d. Radio hosts rubbed their hands together with glee, scripts were written, one liners were made. Australia loves this stuff. While “serious debate” is had over role models in sport and off field behaviour, jokes are cracked about a career being flushed away, or how he was the first of the Cronulla Sharks to hit the target all year. I laughed along while driving with a girlfriend this morning. The player in question means nothing to me, just another muscly bloke with tattoos, a thick neck, and a supernatural talent for a game I’m lucky to watch five times a year.

“Do you reckon if we had willies we’d pee in our mouths when we were drunk” asked my girlfriend with a twinkle in her eye.

Before she could even finish her sentence I answered “Of course we would!” I said it solely for the gag factor but there was also a hint of truth. If I was boy, a drunk boy, who had permission to be drunk and stupid, maybe if everyone else was I would? Having poured my fair share of beers in a country football club in my youth, I’ve seen that if you put a bunch of guys together with access to a few kegs of beer, stranger things have happened. Would I really do it though? I’ll never know, I’ll never have a willy.

Here’s what I do know though. If I had a friend who was obviously drunk and did something I knew the general public would find inappropriate/disturbing/repulsive – I would never post a photo of it on social media. Never.

I understand that the practice of ‘bubbling’ (who knew there was a name for it) is hideous to most of us, stupid to some, and possibly completely social acceptable to others. I understand that Todd Carney gets paid a lot of money to play rugby and has been an idiot in the past and should have learnt his lesson. I understand that this picture is the stuff that media outlets live for and hashtags are driven by.

I don’t understand how a “mate” can post a picture of another mate when his willy is on display for all to see and he’s obviously intoxicated.

I learnt two things today:

1. That yes, it apparently does take two hands to hold a whopper, and

2. I need to remind my children that when it comes to being out and drinking, they cannot trust anyone not to share pictures of them in compromising positions. That if they do something stupid, they’ll be someone who can capture it and share it in an instant. It appears that in our community whether it’s online or off – everything is now fair game. Our poor kids.

I wonder if Todd Carney’s “mate” will think twice before he shares his next unauthorised photo? Why would he? We’re still making jokes about the bubbler.

Is it possible we’ve missed the point?


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