The Kit Kat Cake

My friend Leah makes amazing birthday cakes. I’ve seen her make a perfectly round soccer ball (it really looked like a giant soccer ball), Minecraft cupcakes, and swimming pools with slides and ladders. Whatever phase her children were going through, whether it was Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, Leah has been able to provide the matching cake.

Me? Not so much. I make the same birthday cake. Over and over again.

It’s always been a love heart cake. Chocolate, iced, smarties around the outside, and the number of your age in the middle. It’s been constant, reliable, but perhaps after 10 years in a row – a little underwhelming. On the occasion of parties with big numbers I’ve sometimes turned to the professionals, but when it’s dinner time at home on your birthday – it’s always the love heart cake.

A couple of years ago the eldest traveller asked for a variation, not being a lover of icing there was a request for a donut cake. I tried not to take it personally. Then there was a cookie cake, I made the call, picked it up from the store.

This year my heart made a little pitter batter (yes, that was an intentional bad pun) when she asked if we could return to the love heart cake. So I decided this was my opportunity – I was going to make the love heart cake of all love heart cakes.

“Shall we try something a bit special? You know, like put some-thing on top of it that you really like. Or maybe do a double decker love heart with something in the middle?”

And so it began. Two cakes.



There’s a layer of white chocolate chips in between them.


I whipped the butter, sifted in icing sugar, cocoa, milk and vanilla essence for the frosting.


The trick with the kit kats is to leave enough room in between (easier to slice).


Maltesers and white chocolate lindt balls are her faves.





“The best birthday cake ever Mum”.


So, if you’re like me and you’ve had your fair share of cake disasters – I think this one is a winner. Easy peasy and a definite crowd pleaser.

Anyone else made a kit kat cake? What have you put on top?

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