But Where Were The Mummies?

We had friends over for coffee and cake on Saturday afternoon, the same friends we went on holiday to Sri Lanka with. About an hour before they were due to arrive the beagle broke into the fridge and licked the entire perimeter of the lemon layer cake we were planning to serve. We were forced to drink wine and share a curry.

Our friend’s daughter had drawn a gorgeous card/poster. She’d sketched out a few pictures of how our holiday had looked to her. What we were all up to.

She’d drawn a picture of the boys playing cricket.

Kyla 2

She’d drawn a picture of the boys cheering each other on while playing on the iPad.

Kyla 3

She’d drawn the girls walking along the beach. Hmm, but where are the Mummies?

Kyla 4

She’d drawn a performance the children had put on one evening. Still, no Mummies?

kyla 5

And then she’d drawn the boys in the pool playing tag. No sign of those Mummies.

kyla 6

So where were the Mummies? What were they doing?

Oh, here they are!

kyla 7

Was Erika feeding the baby at 5.30 in the morning, or putting the baby down for a nap? Nope. Was Kirsty writing, or playing a game of Marco Polo with her children?

Nope, they were just drinking.

Every time I walked past our new poster yesterday I had a little smile at those naughty Mummies. I think I need to get it framed.

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