Three Years Ago


Three years ago

This morning

As I type, the noise of children around me is akin to the local footy club after a grand final win. It has been an Easter Sunday with a full house. A house jam-packed with children. It’s been a day of nostalgia, the eldest traveller has had a friend here who has returned for the holiday from Scotland. As I’ve wandered by them sitting shoulder to shoulder on the couch, or raiding the refrigerator, or giggling late at night on a sleepover, my chest has tightening with a heart that feels truly torn.

I was there when they first met, age 9 on bikes out on the street. For four years I’ve watched as two families of siblings perfectly matched in age and personalities go through the trials and tribulations of life on the ‘pound. They walk with comfort in and out of each others homes, they’ve cooked in each other kitchens, slept in each others beds and now, cried at each other’s farewells.

In the same way that I can often become confused and think I can still fit into a size 12, I somehow missed just how big everyone had become. The youngest stayed the youngest, the eldest the eldest. Is it possible that I didn’t read the fine print, the bit about everyone eventually growing up? As I looked at the Easter video from only a few years ago I marveled at how much their faces have changed and their limbs lengthened, while their hearts have stayed exactly the same. Different faces with the same emotions.

Wherever they are in the world, whatever they’re doing, their hearts will share a place together, here.

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