How To Find Out What’s On In Doha

It’s a familiar Doha tale.

Yesterday as I tried to deliver my best right hook, my sparing partner at kickboxing danced like a butterfly and then stung like a bee with her one step in front of me knowledge of what was on in Doha.

“We think we might go to the open air Jazz Concert at MIA tonight, you know, because it’s the last one.”

I didn’t know. I had no idea. The open air jazz concert at MIA was something I saw on Instagram or Facebook, usually the day after it had happened.

In the four years I’ve been based in Doha I’ve clicked and liked just about every hotel, museum and community group. I’ve tuned in, subscribed, and signed up, whether I’ve been interested or not – but somehow I still manage to miss so many events. This weekend I decided enough was enough.

“How do you know which events are on?” I asked with a little too much desperation on Twitter and Facebook this morning. “I mean how would you know that the open air Jazz was on last night?” The replies were to be expected.

“It was?”

“We didn’t know”

“I’ve signed up for every hotel newsletter in town” a friend admitted.

“We usually read about in the newspaper the day after its happened” said another.

I obviously wasn’t alone. Which was what led me on a search this afternoon to find the top 5 websites or apps in Qatar with a calendar of events. It’s been an interesting search. I’ve spent a few hours reaching out to the twitterverse and Facebook and I think I’ve almost read the entire internet. Here’s what I’ve come up with (your welcome).

On Qatar

On Qatar is a website with a very snazzy app you can download for your iPhone or iPad. They also have a Facebook page and you can follow them on Twitter. On Qatar was created by The Qatar Tourism Authority as a one stop page for events and in my mind offers the most comprehensive guide for what’s on. I found the app easy to read, not too busy, and more importantly it wasn’t cluttered with events that were out of date or no longer existed. And the best thing about the app? It’s free!

JustHere Qatar

Not only did JustHere have a calendar which really interested me, they had quite a few news style articles that were well written. JustHereTV stole my attention (the clip on what’s happening downtown with small businesses having to move while the city is redeveloped is worth watching), and there’s a few very gutsy opinion pieces. Did you know you can do family tours at MIA? Or that there’s a pearl diving and fishing competition this weekend? As well as a comedy show, a fashion event, and a mini family festival at the Pearl? Check out their weekend radar each Wednesday for any last minute additions. Unlike a few of the other event sites it’s not overloaded with every conference, meeting and envelope opening, but there’s enough there to make you feel like you have plenty of options for the weekend.

I Love Qatar

The Events page on IQatar is jam packed. You can click on a particular day of the month or scroll your way through the colour coded calendar. Big events are easy to find and are covered on the left hand side of the page. I couldn’t see a link for an app but there’s a Facebook page to follow and a Twitter account you can keep an eye on.

Doha News

We all know that Doha News covers most of the day to day news stories around Doha but a month ago they threw in a “5 things to do this weekend” segment. You can catch up on their suggested events each Wednesday.


I’m going to come back and revisit Evently in a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t exclude it from the post. At this stage if you have a Blackberry or Android Evently is good to go, but iPhones and iPad users will have to hang on for another couple of weeks. Those who have jumped on the Evently bandwagon already tell me it’s fantastic. I’ve signed up for the newsletter (scroll right down to the bottom of their homepage and you can as well) and they promise they’ll let me know as soon as they’re IOS friendly.

Also worth a look are: Marhaba, Time Out Doha, Qatar Happening.

Have I missed any? Do you have any to recommend?

I think this afternoon’s exercise has proved exactly what most of us already knew. There’s actually oodles to do in Doha, you just need to know how to find it.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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