51 Years Apart

51 years apart


It began with this photo. I was checking for football scores when I noticed it roll through my twitter feed.

A big, fat, heart swelling sigh. How gorgeous, how together, how beautiful.

Having ventured into coupledom 15 years ago perhaps it’s pure unrealistic optimism, envisaging my own stories behind the photo. A family, a simple life full of complicated emotions. The times it almost fell apart which became the reasons they stayed together.

I made the mistake of reading the comments.

“Who are these people? Why isn’t there a story, or photo credit?”

I wondered why I didn’t need those details.

“It’s a fake, there’s no way that rock hasn’t changed in 51 years.”

I took another look at the rock.

“Fake – two different couples taken on the same day.”

I began to look at their features more closely.

“Am I the only one who hasn’t noticed his huge sasquatch feet?”

I looked at his feet and instantly hated myself for doing so.

We all see something different when we look at a picture. Some of us need a story, some are happy to make up their own. Some of us immediately question what we see, others can only see the surface, the physical.

I took another look. How gorgeous, how together, how beautiful. Whatever the story.

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