Balance Amongst The Morning Meltdown

My friend Bob is heading to the coast to do a 10 day Vipassana meditation course to “refresh my understanding of dependent origination”.

Meanwhile I’m sitting at my desk doing a little bit of cut and paste and cracking myself up with this:


I was about to play around with it a little bit more, you know, trim the edges, get rid of the corners AND THEN I REALIZED I WAS NOT DOING ANYTHING I WAS MEANT TO BE DOING.


I’m heading to the Crowne Plaza today to be part of a panel at the How Women Work Conference. I’m not sure exactly what it is that I’m meant to be doing but the topic is entrepreneurs and finding balance. I went to bed at 1.00am last night, I was meant to have a sponsored post running today but after writing the post I felt it was too close to a few things I’d written this week. I rewrote it, changed it, wasn’t happy with it and eventually decided it was just too similar. I sent the draft to the client with an explanation. This morning at 6.00am I was more than happy to see the client (who’s also a friend) agreed.

On the way to school one of my children announced to the other that when they arrived at the school gates he was going to punch her. “When we get out of this car I am so going to punch you”. She seemed quite delighted at the idea of a brawl at the front gate, I think “bring it” translates to I’m still bigger than you and you have no chance. Another child noticed it was 7.46 and the world imploded. He has this thing where he likes to be at the gate at 7.40 (that’s when they open) and he began to berate me for my tardiness. “Oh My Gawd  Mum, it 7.46, it’s 7.46!”. The first little traveller looked at me with pity and proceeded to rummage through my purse for cash.

We began our usual who gets picked up where conversation, “you’ve got cricket, you’ve also got cricket, and you’ve got softball, I’ll meet you and you at the softball field and we’ll all go together”. And then it hit me, the conference, what time did it end? Three out of four children were covered but there was going to be one left at the school gate. I sent a text to a friend, this is the third time she’s helped me out in as many weeks. “Are we going to the soccer?” a voice asked from the back seat. I rang G to see if he wanted to go, I explained it was Australia versus Bahrain, three out of four children were keen. “What time is it on?” he asked, which felt like he’d asked for an in-depth explanation of the theory of relativity. “I’ll text you later” I replied.

It was 7.55am when I drove away from the school. I felt like I’d already taken part in a three day negotiation period between Palestine and Israel.

So now I’m sitting here thinking about finding balance while being possibly the poorest entrepreneur in Doha. Are you still an entrepreneur if you don’t actually physically make anything? Like money?

How do you find balance amongst growing a business, raising a family and maintaining a relationship? I’m not sure that you do? What do you think? How do you find balance?

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