The Great Adventure

My friend Leah was a reader of blogs before anyone else I knew. When I was living in Houston she appeared to have a hidden source for interesting conversation.

“Where’d you hear that?”

“I read it on a blog.” she’d shrug.

When she talked about surfing the internet and getting caught on a trail and losing time, I didn’t understand how. I still needed the name of a site, an address to go to. I never quite knew what to look for. That was before Facebook had a newsfeed, before I’d learnt about twitter, before I understood links. That was before every piece of our lives became accessible online.

I think the very first thing I shared, the thing that I liked enough to copy and send in an email to all of my friends was Kelly Corrigan’s Transcending. I then bought her book, and like millions of others savored every word. I found myself looking for every youtube chat she featured in, wishing her to write more, make more.

I know that this video will show up in all of your news feeds today but I had to share it again. This is it: family, relationships, love, loss, the ugly and the beautiful. “This abstract performance art they call life.”

This is the great adventure. This is it.

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