Take A Seat


We were in a rush to get out the door. A night game for softball had us wolfing down our dinner and searching for jackets and blankets while packing the gloves, bats and cleats. We were all going in G’s car so I called out to the third little traveller.

“Honey, can you grab the red chair from my car and put it into Dad’s car?”

“Sure Mum” he said with a smile, almost diving out of the front door to help.

I marveled at his easy going nature, quick to please, my angel.

When we arrived at the field, bags in hand and a warm coffee by my side, I looked towards the back of G’s car, it looked empty.

“Erm, where’s my red chair?”

“Oh, it wasn’t in your car.”

My angel, quick to please, so easy going.


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