I’m embarrassed to even call myself a blogger

Christmas Photo

I was off to a shaky start. I wandered onto this page like I was visiting a stranger, a stranger who’d somehow taken over my house. I knocked gently on a slightly open door. Hellooooo, anyone home? It kind of felt like I’d gone on a home makeover show, and it was time for the big reveal. Except everything in the house was not only now new and shiny, it was hidden. Really well hidden. Oh wow, the kitchen is now the living room, hey, where’s the refrigerator?

And that was fine, exciting actually, until I began to get hungry.

Hey guys, erm, I know I’ve got a really good left over green curry and an icy cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc somewhere around here and, ouch, what’s that? What’s the dining room table doing in the laundry?

Oh WordPress, I know we’re going to be fabulous friends, but the beginning of our first date didn’t go well. When I couldn’t even find the right segment to begin typing a post, well that was a little embarrassing.

“Hey Kelly, I’ve written the tittle but I can’t work out how to go any further?”


Okay, so I’m struggling at little bit here at the back end. I’ve lost this post twice since I began typing it, but the page looks pretty good right? Kelly sent me over to Picmonkey to resize my photo – I now have to have certain pixel sizes. I know this next piece of news is going to shock you but I couldn’t work out quite how to do it. I did manage to give myself a Santa beard and a set of antlers though!

I promise I’ll get better at this.

I know, I should be embarrassed to even call myself a blogger.

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