People In High Places

My Mum was worried. She often is, it’s her prerogative as a mother. After reading yesterday’s post she sent me a message. She was concerned that maybe I’d gone to far, that I might upset people in “high places”. I get it, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there was a thought lingering in the back of my mind that the post could land me in hot water. We love living in Qatar and G loves his job, I did wonder if I was about to destroy it all.

I spoke to the Little Travellers about it as I drove them to school this morning. My two girls were with me when we gathered at Aspire after the fire, they saw the faces of Martin and Jane Weekes and watched as they clutched the soft toys of their babies. One of the girls said to me later “I’ve never seen someone look so sad that it hurts”. When I told them about the signs they all said the same thing in different ways “that’s just wrong”, “that’s so disrespectful”.

I told them that people had written emails, made phone calls and sent messages. I told them that a lady in America was waiting for the office to open so that she could call them and tell them it was wrong. I told them that ordinary people everywhere were voicing their concern. I told them that Mr Weekes had sent a message and that everyone was sharing it and offering support.

“He shouldn’t have to do that” said a quiet little voice from the back of the car.

In about five minutes I’m heading off to pick them up from school. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to tell them that in this world of global corporations, ordinary everyday people can join together and make a change. The signs have been removed.

Thank you for sharing, commenting, liking and caring. You made a difference, and that’s a pretty wonderful story to be able to tell on the way home from school.

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