Notice Something?

When I was away last week, my neighbour Bonnie came outside one morning and noticed Henry Hotdog sitting on the front step. It was early enough that Bonnie had ducked outside in her pajamas, thinking it was a pretty safe bet that no-one would see her. She called out to the fourth little traveller to see if he was okay.

“I’m just waiting for Dad.”

“Oh, I need to speak to your Dad about what time to pick you up from school.”

“Well, you can come over now if you like?” offered the fourth traveller.

Bonnie then intimated that she should probably change.

When G came home from walking the dogs the little traveller let him know that he’d seen Bonnie.

“She had to go and put clothes on.”


This morning Henry Hotdog (aka the smoothie nazi) was busy making smoothies with G. When he came into my room to present me with my morning smoothie I immediately did a double take of his face. My thanks for the smoothie smile moved to alarmed motherly concern.

“What’s wrong with your eye?”


“Your eye, have you looked in the mirror?”

“No, it was itchy but I wasn’t tall enough to see what it looked like.”

“What did your Dad say when he saw it?”


“Is he downstairs?”


“Were you two making smoothies together?”


“And he hasn’t said anything about your eye?”

“No.  I don’t think he’s noticed.”

I reckon Bonnie could have stayed in her pajamas.

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