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And so the day has arrived.

If you’ve been here for awhile you’ll know how much I’ve procrastinated over advertising on the blog. Why? I guess initially it all felt a bit icky. Companies I’d never heard of, wanting to slip their links into my html (!) For the longest time I’ve been running ideas through my head, how could I write in this space and make a living without selling out? How could I make sure I didn’t end up writing sponsored posts for toilet paper? Although, we do use a LOT of toilet paper.

While I procrastinated, advertising enquires slowly sprinkled into my inbox. My very grown up and business like reaction to this was to move them to a folder marked “later” and move on with the day. Recently, after one of those family meetings titled “budget discussions” with G, I decided it was time to take another look, it was then that I discovered something really cool.

When you’ve written a blog consistently, and I mean shown up day after day, year after year, like minded people come your way. People who are interested in the same ideas. I think if I was a marketer I’d call it an authentic audience, if I was a blogger I’d call it engaged, and if I was an English Lit major I think I would have just thrown up a little bit in my mouth. I guess what I’m trying to say is that when I finally went back to see who’d sent me requests I learnt that the advertising part was going to be easy. I just needed to follow two simple rules when thinking about advertisers.

Would I want to use the product or service?

Do I genuinely think my readers could benefit from knowing about it?

Back in October 2011, I wrote a post about the second little traveller having to take a ME to school, the requirement for her ME was that it needed to be covered in pictures of her being her. The post was all about realizing how much WE there seemed to be in my ME. I could barely find one shot of myself, there were plenty of photos of the children, but more often than not I’d forgotten to put myself in the frame.

The following day I received an email from the lovely Janet, an expat based in Bangalore, she’d been following the blog for awhile and said all sort of things to make a girl blush (compliments, not rude things). When Janet explained that she and her sister ran an online photography business teaching parents how to take better shots of their families, I immediately thought they were on to something. I would have loved to have done something like this when the little travellers were babies. And even now I sigh out loud at my inability to get everyone in front of the camera.

When you have a minute take a look at Janet’s blog particularly the tips and tricks section, it has some great hints. If you’re a Facebook person they have a page that they update regularly with ideas. I’m signed up to both because their photos are beautiful and their ideas are always useful.

So here’s the thing. If you interested in taking an online course to learn how to capture better photos of your family, head on over and take a look. But even if you’re just looking for tips and ideas on how to put yourself back in the frame, Janet and her sister in law Liana are the real deal – they’d love to hear from you.

Would I use the service? Absolutely. Do I think you guys could benefit from knowing about them? Definitely.

It was that simple.

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