Ten For Ten

Today you are ten. Double digits, double the fun and possibly double the trouble. So in the spirit of doubles I thought we could double up on authors. Today your Dad is going to help me write a post. His very first. I asked him for ten pieces of advice for you on your tenth birthday, in bold you’ll see what he gave me, he needed complete silence and had to work in the corner alone to help with his creative process (?) in italics I’ve thrown in a few clarifying comments. A joint effort.

For our third little traveller, from us, to you. Ten for Ten.

Be 10. Have fun. 
When I asked your Dad what this meant he said “Well, there’s a lot of living to do, at ten it comes with minimal responsibilities. Enjoy it”.

It is ok to not brush your hair every day, even when your Dad tells you to.  One day you won’t have thick and luxurious hair, enjoy it while you can.
You’ve seen your Dad’s hair, I think this one’s self explanatory. Although I think you might be safe, I’ve heard hair comes from your mother’s father, you’ve seen Gramps’ head. Loads of the stuff.

Swim. Every day.
You may have noticed your Dad loves a swim, preferably in the ocean. Your Aunty Susie shares the same love. I once heard them both admit to each other that often on the last day of holidays, they’ll have a swim moments before they leave so they can purposely smell the ocean on their skin on the plane flight home (Aunty Susie even admitted to licking her arms hours after arriving home). Queenslanders. Say no more.

Talk to your grandparents. Make sure you ask them questions about how they met and fell in love.
I was so spoilt Freddy, I grew up with my Grandparents right next door to me, but I think I took them for granted. It’s really hard as a kid to understand why your Grandparents are so important. You’ve been so lucky to have been surrounded by older people who have shown an interest in you, which I think is entirely your doing – I love how you love a chat. I’m sure you know this, but the original Fred, my Grandfather, used to follow my Grandmother home but never said a word. He’d walk about thirty steps behind her and sing or whistle. She loved to tell me that story, he’d grin and shake his head while she gloated about how besotted he was with her. She wore his watch every day after he died. Your Dad’s right, you need to know the beginning, middle and end of every story.

It is ok to have accidents.  Scars come with stories you can tell for ever.
Both inside and out. They’ll be lots of things that scar you, and although they hurt at the time, it’s the only way we grow and learn. Sometimes our words can cause the biggest accidents, without thought they can easily knock someone down. I still haven’t learnt how to keep quiet at the right times.

Enjoy your good mates.

I love your mates, one of my favourite things is when you’re all in the car and you forget I’m there, you guys are funny. Make sure you keep your girl-friends as well, girls make great mates. 

Always be curious. Never stop asking questions about how and why things work the way they do.

I can’t ever imagine you not asking questions. If you knew how many plumbers, painters, electricians, carpenters and postmen and women we’ve had come to the house who have all said upon leaving “Wow, he asks a lot of questions doesn’t he?”. I agree with your Dad, don’t change.

Eat with your family as often as possible.

It’s who we are. Food, family, friends, celebrations. Nothing better.

Be nice to girls. 
Particularly your sisters. They’re your biggest supporters.

Never lose that look in your crystal blue eyes.
I had to seek clarification for this one. Your Dad told me that he feels you have a special look, a look that is years beyond your age. I know what he means, I’ve seen it too. When you were little we would all call it Fred Land, we figured you went to another place – and I guess maybe you do. There’s a look which involves thought and understanding combined with a sense of wonder. Don’t lose your sense of wonder.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy. We couldn’t be prouder or more excited about who you are and what you’ll become.

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