Taking Over

My room – pre virus

This virus has taken over my body. It’s halfway up my arms and legs, inside my mouth, and somehow it feels like it has clouded my brain.

I began two separate blog posts today. They both took triple the amount of time than usual to write, and both sit unfinished in my inbox.

I never do that?

I always start a blog post and finish it about an hour later. Done. But today I’m afraid I’ve lost my sense of humour. A mouth full of ulcers, a flurry of useless emails, and the knowledge that I’m going to miss something big, has left me feeling flat and over it. The kids begin school holidays tomorrow and my bottom lip resembles that of a baboon. A baboon with Hand Foot and Mouth. I know, sexy.

I started a little corner in my bedroom for work. I know you’re not allowed to do that, that it’s very anti Feng Shui – but it works for me. I have a pretty little desk with a few “me” things on it. My own little space. Recently, I popped a few post it notes on the wall, ideas of things to do, stories to write. The children joined in – I think I posted a picture, or wrote something about it? I told you my brain was clouded.

But the other day there was another addition. Henry Hotdog felt that my corner needed artwork so he began drawing a few circles “I know how much you like circles Mum”. And then he drew another picture, a rainbow, and then he drew some waves and then, well then he stuck up an almost life size Henry on the wall with a few facts about himself. I now have Henry’s favourite number (50,000), Henry’s age (7), Henry’s handspan etc. It was then that his sister Annie joined in, she thought I might like the results of her spelling test, and then yesterday she attached a rubric from her latest math test. Fred thought it would be a great place to keep his guitar!

My pretty little corner is now a jumbled up mash of coloured bits of paper. My corner has been attacked by my very own little viruses.

Post Virus

Children are like that aren’t they? They begin as an idea, a feeling, a sensation. They grow and immediately start making changes, and then somehow they take over, popping up everywhere, in every thought, every action, every decision. What about the children?

I can’t wait for this Hand Foot and Mouth thingy to go. I want it to leave. I’m sick of eating yoghurt, sick of sore feet, itchy hands and oh god a big glass of wine would be really lovely right now.

The other viruses, the ones who have taken over my wall, my life, my heart. I can’t wait for them to get home from school and make me smile.

There, finally, done.

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