More Authentically Me

The middle eastern math of Doha traffic plus Doha radio equals a shed load of podcasts. While jostling my way through a roundabout this morning, I listened as Rabia Siddique talked about moving to Australia as a 5 year old child. With a name which was ripe for teasing, can you think of anything that rhymes with Rabia? She explained the desperation of wanting to fit in. Instead of being brown skinned Rabia from India with a British accent (International School), she dreamed of being blonde haired, blue eyed Carolyn Jones.

It’s a familiar discussion amongst parents. How we desperately want to fit in as children only to then spend the rest of our lives searching for our individuality.

As I listened I wondered about my guys. How much are they trying to fit in at school, and what does that look like for them? If you’re at an International School with over 76 different nationalities what’s the norm? With school photos arriving a couple of weeks ago I was able to glance at the demographics of the class, each shot qualifying for a Benetton ad or an episode of Sesame Street. A little bit of everything. The commonalities? Everyone begins to covet the same toys, use the same phrases and idolize the same heroes.

I read a twitter profile recently where the author described themselves as a proud Australian with an American accent. I laughed out loud and then realized my ten year old son could have stolen his profile. Why hasn’t he imitated G and I? Is he just trying to fit in?  Does his pseudo Canadian/American accent bring him the warmth of childhood memories or is it a matter of influence?

How do you feel versus how do you sound.

Promise me you’ll find time to watch this. You won’t be disappointed.

Every time I fail to become more like my father, I become more like myself. Every time I fail to become Bruce Lee, I become more authentically me.

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