Family Movies That Wont Make You Want To Stab Yourself In The Eye With Popcorn.

We’re reaching the end of our staycation. This Eid break has had us sleeping, eating, swimming, cleaning, entertaining, and movie watching. Bliss. The little travellers cleared out the playroom and sold their wares. Somehow the fourth little traveller managed to buy something at his own garage sale?

There’s been a bit of movie time here. Quilts on couches, popcorn in the microwave and fights over who sits where, when and with whom. We’ve crossed the line from toddler movies to movies that everyone can enjoy, which is hard, particularly if you don’t want your seven year old asking questions at the supermarket checkout that you’re not really ready to answer. “Did anyone in our family smoke marijuana?” Although thanks to National Geographic the third little traveller asked this week if I’d tried to eat Dad after we’d finished mating.

As I tend to do every time I’m stuck for an idea, I put out a cry for help on the 4 kids, 20 suitcases Facebook page asking for movie recommendations. Have you liked the page? If not, click here and come over and join us.

So, after a week of browsing iTunes, listening to recommendations and watching some really beautiful movies. Here’s our top 10, in no particular order (they’re all good).

The Goonies.

Marley and Me.


Red Dog.

Cheaper By The Dozen.


Back to the Future.


We bought a zoo.

Peter Pan.

So, what have I missed. What’s your favourite family movie?

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