The Perfect Weekend

How’s everyone going?

Apart from looking after a sick child our weekend was very cruisy and ended with the bestest of best news.

The weekend began with a stomach bug. Only one of us was sick but of course everyone needed to share their opinions, jokes, and thoughts on bodily functions. And while those thoughts stayed as internal family jokes and discussion, everything was fine. Until the youngest member of the house strayed and took the news to the street.

Henry Hotdog was surprised to learn that his older sister did not want him to share the news of her diarrhea to guests visiting the house. “She can’t come out to play because she has explosive diarrhea”was the sentence he chose to share with visiting friends at the front door. I’m not sure if it was just the general news of diarrhea or the fact that he made it explosive which caused the stress – but I think the hotdog will stick to insider trading from now on.

This made me smile this weekend. I love this. The world needs more of this.

Lenny Kravitz could have just stayed on the terrace, but he found those kids and gave them an experience they’ll be talking about for decades.

But the best news of all came in the form of a baby. We were going to have a quick drink with friends which was what I thought the text was going to be about. Instead “5 contractions in the past 10 minutes – this may mean we’ll be missing drinks :-)”

The little travellers squealed with the news and proceeded to ask question after question which of course took us back through every birth, every detail. And when the text arrived with the news of a new baby boy it was inevitable “Oh God, Mum’s going to cry.”

And I did.

He is just beautiful. After monumental morning sickness, oppressive humidity, searing heat, a decidedly shit doctor and a last minute surprise of placenta previa – it was all over.

The most beautiful little boy. Perfection.

How was your weekend?

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