Pushing Random Buttons

Can I just preface this post with the point that I am the only one in my house who can work the Apple TV properly. I think it has something to do with the life or death relationship I had going with Mad Men Season Five. But when it comes to the blog, well, lets just say I’ve managed to push the wrong button a few times here. There’s nothing quite like being greeted by a blank screen and the rush of nausea that follows with the realization you may have accidentally deleted absolutely everything.

Yesterday I sent a message to my friend Kelly, she understands blog stuff, you know, the stuff that happens when you go behind the screen. I don’t go behind the screen, I just stay right here up the front, it’s safer that way. I wanted to ask her about changing from Blogger to WordPress.

“Do you have a hosting site organized?” she asked.

“What’s a hosting site?” I wondered.

If there was blogging 101, I’m pretty sure I would have been asked to repeat.

About nine months ago I somehow managed to make the comments button disappear *insert Family Feud wrong answer noise here*. Buh bow. Fail. I spent a few hours pushing random buttons while swearing at my laptop. At one stage the entire blog disappeared completely. Gone. It was then that I decided it might be a good idea if I just left it. You know when your parents tell you to “just stop playing with it before you break it”. I did that. I hoped that maybe everyone would just work out you had to double click on the home button to comment.

G noticed the button had disappeared. He pointed it out. Big mistake. It meant I could then make it his fault, you know, because he didn’t fix it. I can make just about everything my husband’s fault if I put my mind to it. Even when he’s not in the country. It’s a skill I’ve developed over the years.

As you can imagine, for this reason alone, he just loves it when I ask for help. He kind of does this:

My sister sent me a note yesterday asking why she wasn’t getting the blog in her Facebook feed anymore. She is the fourth person to ask me the same question in the last 24 hours. I decided to ask G who I had once again mistaken for Arianna Huffington.

“People can’t see my blog when I post it on Facebook?”

He looked at me helplessly. “Google?” And then he quickly left the room.

I hopped on Twitter and this clever woman had the answer, and pictures as well!

It turns out that Facebook have been sneaky. Liking a page no longer means it’s going to pop up in your newsfeed. You now have to hover over the “like” button and hit “settings” and then “all updates”.   Here’s a little 4 step diagram.

For any of you who don’t like Facebook and prefer to just receive an email in your inbox every day, the subscribe button is still there, it’s just under my Instagram pics, see, over there on the right hand side. 
And for anyone who is now more confused than when they began reading this post? I know exactly how you feel, come and join me later for a drink at the bar.
I promise, no tech blogs tomorrow.

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