Bidders Choice

The comparison, the contest. When the story requires a clarification. A small something to let you know it was harder for me than you. The conversation begins with a not so simple question.

“How close together were your two children?”

“Two years.” No, that might not be enough. Let me clarify. “Well, two under two”.

The auction begins, a bat is raised.

“I had three under five.”

The gavel goes down. I have three under five from the lady here in the front.

“Can we do better than three under five?”

Hup. Another bat. From the back of the room, the lady with the stroller.

“Four under six. I have four under six”.

The Mumupmanship happening behind me in the ticket line of the school holiday cinema madness is just too tempting. I want to join in.

I feel an uncontrollable urge to say I had eight under nine.

It’s a lie, but surely this would make me win the prize?

All around me are school holiday conversations with invisible adjudicators.

I cooked a lemon cake and a casserole before everyone was out of bed. I ran the kids across to art class before theatre group, and then we had three play dates before completing a full twist double pike with a star jump through the shopping centre – and then I mowed the lawn before dinner. I taught the kids one hundred french words while we drove to clown camp. Not a second wasted.

I think back to my own school holidays. Activities included sleeping in, sheet folding, dog washing and an absent minded walk to the basketball courts. No structured play, no classes or competitions. Just a holiday from school. A school holiday.

I had so many plans for the little travelers on this break. Maybe some golf lessons? Back to the pool for one on one instruction? We were going to join the summer reading program, complete the physical education challenge. 

We’ve done nothing.

Blissful, charming, serene, nothing.

I asked the little travellers today for highlights.

Granny’s swing set (a rusted out relic from Hills). Hot chocolates and crumpets in the morning. The sleepover with friends. Endless games of spotlight at night. Cricket in the front yard and the marathon of Dance Academy with quilts on the couch and food from the bakery.

It may just be the best school holiday yet. 


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