The Spin Dryer

The spin dryer clicked into place as it reached its last setting.

Clunk. Time for the final spin.

The car rolled to a halt as I dropped three out of four travellers at the school gates. The second little traveller stayed in the back seat, she was off to a different destination. As I looked at my watch I made a mental note of everything I’d promised I’d do. A marketing proposal that had to be done by the end of today. Notes to be read and replied to before a conference call on Thursday. There’s an inbox full of red flags, and a pile at the bottom of the stairs that keeps growing day by day – waiting for me to find it a home. Shit, I still haven’t been to Ikea to get frames for those pictures that are now curling up at the edges. The vet, we need to make an appointment at the vets.

The drums of the dryer began to roll slowly.

“Don’t forget to talk to the French teacher today” said one of the travellers. “Oh, can you find about lunch?” I don’t want to go if it’s at Villagio, they’ll understand won’t they?

“Can you bring Tim Bits for my guitar lesson – we’re having an end of year party” said the third.

I factor in a trip to Tim Hortons in the day.

The spin dryer begins to whirr as it picks up speed.

“What time will you pick me up from the party today?” says the second traveller, reveling in the fact that she wouldn’t be going to school and not so subtly throwing in a reminder to the others.

“Are you coming to the Assembly?” I sit like a deer stuck in the headlights. Does she know she’s getting an award? Does she know they’ve told me? By the look on her face I’m not sure if the right answer is yes or no.

Faster. The machine begins to vibrate with the speed.

“Are you coming to the class party – they need helpers at the class party.” says the third. I shoot him the same stunned look. The class party clashes with the assembly.

It’s almost at full speed. Its whirr has now become louder, its pitch higher, you can hear that it’s at its peak. Faster and faster. The machine begins to shudder.

One more party, one more science test, one more farewell. One more plate of something to bring somewhere. Bring a bag to collect the artwork. Bring a board game on Monday, there’s an ice-cream sundae multiplication challenge on Tuesday, don’t forget your bathers on Wednesday, or your favourite fairytale character on Thursday. Teachers presents, extra cash for the pizza party, and hold on tight for the melt down of I-just-want-to-stay-in-grade-one-I’m-not-big-enough-for-grade-two.

Faster, faster. Thud.

And then. Bang. It stops.

You’re on holidays.

Nearly there.

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