The Planner

I’m hoping you get a planner in Grade 2. You don’t get a planner in Grade 1 and I know someone who’s at the end of Grade 1 and really wants a planner. The others have a planner to record homework and events at school. It’s become a thing. You know how sometimes something becomes a thing, like the only blue cup, or who holds the leash when the dog gets walked. The planner is now definitely a thing.

“Everyone else has a planner. I would get everything done if I had a planner.”

“Do you feel like you’re not getting stuff done?” I thought I should ask.

“No, but I would be better at getting stuff done if I had a planner. I bet you have a planner. Do you have a planner Mum?”

“Well, we call ours diaries or calendars – but yeah, I have one in my phone and it talks to the one on my  computer.”

“What’s in your planner today?”

“We’ll firstly you and I have to go the clinic for your vaccination. And then I have to go and see the school nurse to update your records. And then I have to go home and write the blog and get some stuff done around the house. And then I’m going to go and collect the teacher’s presents. And then I’m having lunch with friends to say goodbye before the summer. And then I have to write a letter to a company about a sponsored post. And then I’m going to do some work and answer some emails before picking you guys up at 3. Tonight I’m going to a friends house for a drink because she’s leaving Qatar”.

“That’s good planning Mum – bet you’re glad you had your planner to write that stuff in.”

“What would you have in your planner?”

“I would have eat lots of candy, do not eat your vegetables, go out and play and find donuts.”

As he laughed I caught sight of the inside of his mouth.

“Did you brush your teeth this morning? Is that your breakfast I can see?”

“See Mum, if I had a planner I wouldn’t have forgotten to brush my teeth.”

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