Look behind you!

Image Credit to Nicholson Cartoons

While Australia watched in bemusement at yet another leadership challenge, my friend Carly Findlay pointed out that it would be a horrible day to awake from unconsciousness.

“Who’s the current Prime Minister of Australia?”

Uh oh.


When we were living in a world surrounded by Dora the Explorer, The Wiggles and CBeebies, the first little traveller had a firm favourite. Blues Clues.

“Hi, it’s me Steve, have you seen Blue?”

Before her words were fully formed her eyes would scan the screen following Steve’s face. She’d point to the left and right of him showing Steve exactly where to look next. And when the perfect mix of competence and exasperation reached a crescendo she’d scream “behind you!”

We invested in our very own handy dandy notebook and sang along at mail time. “We are going to play blues clues, cause that’s a really good game”.

After crossing oceans from Libya to Canada we were shocked to turn on the telly and discover that Steve had been replaced by his cousin Joe. In the eyes of the first little traveller there was only one thing wrong with Joe. He wasn’t Steve.

She tried to accept Joe, but it just wasn’t the same.

We wondered if Steve would ever return. But of course it wouldn’t have mattered if Steve came back, it was too late.


When yellow wiggle Greg returned back to the stage a wave of nostalgia flooded into the hearts of the parents who’d buckled in to the big red car. It’ll be just like it used to be. Remember?

And it would have been, if everyone could have just forgotten about Sam. They listened to the rhetoric.

Don’t worry about Sam, he’ll be fine. He knew what he was getting into. He was paid for his work. It was what everyone wanted.

But it was too late.

You can’t just swap skivvies like that.


Children’s entertainment. It’s a fickle business.

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