Let’s All Hesitate

I just introduced myself to someone called Charlie. I came out of the shower and wandered downstairs to grab my phone and noticed an unfamiliar face on the couch.

“Oh hello, I haven’t seen you before.”

“Hi, I’m Charlie” said the voice of a what I’m guessing would have been a nine year old boy.

The familiar faces of four other nine year old boys sharing the couch looked at me nodding with agreement.

Over in the corner were the first and second little traveller with two friends, they were all facing towards an iPad dancing – part of their next video clip.

I walked into the kitchen and caught the fourth little traveler smack in the middle of an illegal pantry raid, a beagle and cocker spaniel were doing all they could to assist in the operation.

“Dad’s on his way home with dinner. What are you looking for?”

“Food!” he said with a grin, when he realized I was yet to be charmed he followed up with “I was going to share.”

G and I took off this morning in two separate cars to collect a further four children. Eight, we had eight children in our care this morning. Sixteen sets of ears to put sunscreen on, eight mouths to feed, and banter from the back seat that had me giggling on the inside.

“I cracked my head open three times and didn’t die – I’m invincible.”

“No you’re not, or else you wouldn’t have cracked your head open.”

“I fell down twenty stairs and didn’t break a thing. I’m more invincible than you.”

“But I saw you, you cried, that means you’re not invincible. If you cry you’re not invincible.”

A little voice from the back seat offered “Lets all be nice. Let’s all hesitate for a minute”

Every child turns at this point to give the hesitater a quizzical look. He realizes he’s got something wrong. The light bulb is visible in his eyes when he rushes to correct himself.

“I mean meditate – let’s all meditate!”

In the rear view mirror I see four faces with eyes closed and arms outstretched, fingers pressed together.

After a day of sand storms, pick ups, drop offs, play dates and “can we have a sleepover pleeeeeease” – followed by bed making and snack offering, I find myself in a house with six extra bodies. There’s a swarm of laughter and excitement which begins and ends in various pockets of the house.

It’s madness.

It’s beautiful.

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