One Year On

I wonder how many kisses a child gives over a year?

Count up every “Blow a kiss.” “Give Mummy a kiss.” “Big kiss.”

I wonder how many kisses a mother gives a child?

“Mummy kiss it better?” “Kiss goodbye for Dad?”

There has now been a year’s worth of missed kisses.

One year on and men continue to gather in groups smoking inside the mall, smirking after being asked to stop.

One year on and fire alarms sound off in the background while security guards tell everyone to continue shopping.

One year on and there was recently a fire in Villagio with video footage showing people milling around, no-one appeared to take charge to evacuate the building.

Thirteen children. Nineteen people in total.

One year on and what have we learned?

So many missed kisses.

We will never forget.

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