My Designs!

At the end of March, Henry Hotdog (aka the 4th little traveller) arrived home with a little book he’d made for me. In the book he told me I was “grate”. I was “grate” at everything. I was a “grate” cook, and a “grate” swimmer. And I had reaaaaaaaally long hair. Here’s a link if you want to have a peek.

The beautiful Rhi sent me a note after reading the post, she asked if she could use one of Henry’s drawings to make an applique. I couldn’t beleive it, I’d been following Rhi’s Facebook page and loved her work. It took about five seconds to reply with a big fat yes. Rhi’s an expat, an Aussie based in Belgium. She’s a bit of a star when it comes to taking a child’s drawing and turning it into not only a really funky piece of homeware, but something that will make your heart melt.

Henry Hotdog fancies himself as a bit of designer. He often tells us about his future career which involves owning a string of shops side by side – he will “design” everything. The building, the layout, the fashion. His face when he opened Rhi’s package yesterday was priceless, but what he said…

“My designs! These are my designs!”

“She must like polka dots? They weren’t in my original work, but I like what she’s done!”

Rhi has a blog and store on Etsy

Rhi, you made a little boy very happy yesterday and I am in love with what you’ve done.

We think you’re grate!

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