She Stacked Her Soap Boxes

She collected her soap boxes and began to stack them on top of each other. She needed them to be able to climb up to reach her horse, as it was up very high. She climbed up and stroked its enormous head. His name was Judgement.

As she looked out across the sea of anonymous faces in her online community, she made herself comfortable in Judgement’s saddle.

“I’m going to tell you all my opinion” she called out across the Twitter forecourt while looking down at them all from her horse. “Gather around”. And they did. For she was smart and witty, she had years of experience and knowledge to share. They’d all followed her after seeing her on the telly and reading her books.

“It’s the blue people” she said “the blue people always think this way. All blue people are not to be trusted, they are all exactly the same” she planted her hands firmly on her hips. The crowd cheered.

“And the red people are being forgotten.” The crowd nodded in agreement. She was right. It was unfair, things needed to change. They all agreed. They all felt the same way.

And then she said it again. And again. And again. And again and again and again. She was an expert in staying “on message” she knew how to sell an idea. And what had begun as a noble cause was now becoming a mantra.

Slowly, she began to surround herself with blue haters. They whispered in her ears and she repeated their thoughts loudly and often, to everyone. When the blue people responded with questions she became personal. “Go back to your blue house and hang out with all your blue mates” she spat at them.

“You know what the problem with blue people is?” they had a feeling she was going to tell them. “They think they’re too good for us red people. They don’t want to hang out with us.”

A few people began to scratch their heads. Was it really that simple? Was that all there was to it? Were all the blue people exactly the same? They’d noticed blue people at the pub, on the bus, and helping out at the homeless shelter. Surely all blue people weren’t exactly the same.

And nobody dared mention the others. Until now.

“But what about the green people?” someone whispered, they’d become too scared to ask out loud. They’d seen the woman rear up and gallop over the people who had green thoughts in the past.

“There are no green people it’s simply red or blue!” she needed her army to be one colour.

“But what about if you’re living in a mixed coloured household?” a man called out from behind the tree, his green tinge was camouflaged by the foliage. “It’s just not that simple for all of us.”

She immediately picked up an axe and threw it at his head. She wanted him silenced. How dare he question her? She looked for another soap box, a higher horse.

And that’s when he realised he needed to find another forecourt, he backed away slowly. He unfollowed, deleted and left the group.

With her voice blocked, he discovered the heavenly silence, the ability to think in peace.

It wasn’t always red or blue, sometimes it was different shades of green.

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