Ben Affleck and His Prosthetic Beard

We were halfway through watching Argo when G suggested Ben Affleck’s beard was a prosthetic.

“That’s ridiculous”

“No, I reckon it is, I reckon the guy who made the prosthetics on the movie probably made it for him.”

“That is truly ridiculous.”

“It doesn’t look real.”

“I know it’s real. Do you want me to tell you how I know it’s real?” At this stage I was more than just a little bit smug about how my explanation was going to kill his theory.

“How?” G remained defiant. He wasn’t going to believe me solely on the principle that he wanted Ben’s beard to be a prosthetic.

“Because he had the beard up until the Oscars, he kept it as a good luck charm. Then at the after party, after he’d won his Oscar he took it off. Jen brought the clippers. (I say this as if Jennifer Garner and I are good friends). There’s photos, it’s been talked about in the press.”


“Nup, I think it’s a prosthetic”

“Oh. My. God. Really? I’ve just given you hard proof. Really?”


This morning as I flicked through my Facebook feed, I noticed a link on Mamamia to an Affleck/Garner story. There was Ben holding on to his Oscar, with his beard.

“See” I said “Here he is, with his beard, and his Oscar – just before he took it off.”

“Yep, so obviously a prosthetic.”

“You’re a fool.”

The smile that formed on G’s face immediately showed how much he had enjoyed today’s episode in the ridiculous conversation series. The banter that is had for the mere sake of banter. Ben Affleck’s prosthetic beard will be added to a list, the list of inside jokes and sideways glances that occur in every relationship/marriage.

Am I right? Do you have these ridiculous conversations?

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