You Are Grate

There are times when your children truly believe you can do everything. These are the times when they remind you at bedtime that they need forty cupcakes in the morning. “Oh and do you think we can make a Joan of Arc costume before school tomorrow?” When they sheepishly suggest they should be able to go to the birthday party, play at a friends, and visit the travelling circus between basketball practice and dinner. “Can’t you just take me?”

And then there are the other times. The times when they tell you you are grate, and you don’t care that they can’t spell great, because you are superwoman. You know you are superwoman because it’s right there in front of you. You really can do everything.

You are a grate cook
“And that’s you flipping a pancake – You are a grate cook” 
“And that’s you and me having fun – you are fun”
“And that’s you in the garden Mum (with hair extensions) you are grate at gardening”
“And that’s you telling me a really funny story (it’s so funny your hair is growing right off the page) – you are funee”
“And this is you being silly” I often come home and stand on my head (while wearing a skirt). G loves it just as much as the kids and the neighbours. Often I’m just so funny and happy and ‘grate’ that I cartwheel my way in through the front door.
“Here you are swimming – you are grate at swimming”

“And here we are just loving each other – You love me and I love you (even if your hair is all over my face)”
If he asked for one hundred cupcakes this morning, I would have made them. Okay, that’s a lie, I wouldn’t have because I’m busy preparing my pelvic floor for the bus trip to the desert for the Grade 3 Field Trip – hold me.
But I do love, that at six, he still truly believes I can do everything.

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