The Three Day Break Sometimes Referred To As…

At the end of the 2nd little traveller’s school concert yesterday, the Principal stood to say thank you. The room was of course packed with its usual 76 nationalities (give or take a few), we were an audience of multi-coloured faces in a mix of abayas, thobes, jeans, and suits.

It was 3.00 o’clock on Thursday. There was an excitement in the air, no school for three days.

“Enjoy the three day weekend” he said in his American accent.

The children squealed while the adults all clapped and left the room. As I waited outside the third traveller’s classroom, I noticed each child appeared with a bag of chocolate eggs. Someone had brought them in as a present. And then I noticed the third little traveller was mixing up his goodbyes.

“Happy Easter” he said to a friend.

“Have a good long weekend” he said to another.

“Happy Easter” he said to someone else.

“Have a good long weekend” a different child.

We came around the corner and ran into some Qatari friends.

“Enjoy the 3 day break” I said.

“Yes, Happy Easter” she replied.

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