My Mother Never Organized A Play-date

My mother never, not even once, arranged a play-date.

My mother never lined up outside of a sporting facility waiting for “sign ups”.

My mother never hovered her finger over a keyboard ready to click, just to make sure I made it into an activity.

My mother never booked a venue for a birthday party.

My mother never once talked of having it all, or finding a balance.

My mother never came on a field trip, decorated a class room door, or organized a class party with a menu list for other parents to adhere to.

My mother often ignored me.

“Go outside”

“Go and practice shooting goals.”

“Go and ride your bike.”

“Only boring people get bored.”


My mother umpired and coached hundreds of netball games.

My mother drove a car filled with girls to sporting facilities.

My mother held a stopwatch at swimming carnivals.

My mother often studied at night.

My mother attempted to learn to macramé and sew in a spectacularly unsuccessful way at night classes. She topped the class in Accounting. She still wishes she could sew.

My mother never organized a play-date, went on a field trip, or organized a class party.

And it all worked out okay.

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