Is Tara Obese?

The third little traveller decided instead of just getting his usual bout of tonsillitis he’d make it a little more interesting, switch it up a bit. He threw in a severe middle ear infection as well. The doctor took one look in his ear and took a step back “ay ay aye, that’s a bad one”.

Our regular clinic has the usual lucky dip of doctors, and today we’d done well, she’s one of the best. I decided I’d make the most of our luck and quickly throw in any other ailments we had on the go. In the past couple of weeks I’d noticed a small round lump on the inside of my wrist; on good days I thought it may have been a result of resting my wrists on the laptop, on bad days I was sure it was a cancerous tumor.

I held out my hand, and after a quick prod and a poke she declared I had a Lipoma.

“What’s that?”

“A group of fatty cells.”

The third little traveller’s eyes widened in an uh oh did you just call my Mum fat kind of way.

“Why are they fatty? Why have they chosen my wrist. Is this diet related?”

“No. It just happens, if it gets bigger or begins to give you pain you’ll have to have it surgically removed, in the meantime just forget about it”.

Fatty. Could we please give the cells a different name? No-one likes to be called fatty.

I posted a picture of Tara Lynn on the 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle Facebook page the other day. I love her curves and she has to be one of the most gorgeous models around.

I suggested we needed more models of the Tara Lynn variety. Models who didn’t look starving, models who the regular jane could identify with. Yes, we still need size six models for size six people but can we balance it out a bit?

There were people who agreed and there were others who rightly highlighted that this picture had been photoshopped. I’m sure her skin has more blotches and bumps, but I’m glad she wasn’t completely airbrushed. Bruce the registered nurse suggested Tara was a walking health hazard and would have type 2 diabetes by the time she was forty.

I took another look at her.

Was she really that big? Did she look unhealthy? Was I not seeing what others were seeing?

I had to ask Bruce for more information. His response talked of the link between obesity and Type 2 diabetes in the same way there’s a link with smoking and lung cancer.

Wait. Tara’s obese?

Oh my fatty wrists, if Tara is obese I’m going to have to re-think a few things. I thought obese was roley poley? I thought obese was this person is losing their breath after a walk around the block? I thought obese was I’ve just had KFC for lunch and I’m thinking I’ll head to McDonalds just after I finish this chocolate thick shake? I thought obese was unfit.

I get it, Tara is not thin, but, obese?

Tara is tall, Tara is broad, Tara has a tummy and a decent set of thighs. At a guess Tara is a size 16 in Australia, maybe bigger, but is Tara obese?

Tell me.

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