Wham Bam Thank You Spam

The first spam message I received on the blog was very complimentary. Mr Spam assured me I was indeed the most influential and intelligent blogger he had ever come across. “The information you have displayed is much grateful and wisely prominent.”


And then it just kept coming. I ignored most of them as they popped up but then they began arriving in my inbox. There’s nothing like downloading 50 emails and discovering 48 of them are spam. As the blog has grown the spam comments have multiplied. Occasionally Mr Spam would get a little risqué, he started offering me vibrating penises and all sorts of enlargement opportunities to go with my erectile enhancements. I felt the need to remind Mr Spam that my mother was reading this blog!

And then a few days ago, after pushing the delete button over one hundred times I did something rash – I went into the admin page (always a dangerous exercise as I have a history of causing html suicide) and deleted the facility to comment anonymously. And Mr Spam disappeared. Hallelujah!

And then you all disappeared? Oops.

I understand that commenting shouldn’t be a hassle and that many of you can’t be bothered with opening a google account (although I promise it just takes a second and you are more than welcome to create any fake name you wish). Why hello there Mr Max E. Pad.

In the meantime, there are some other options. Perhaps you could just come on over and say Hi here on the Facebook page? In the meantime I’ll work on finding a better commenting system. If there were Facebook comments on the blog page would you comment? Or would that feel a bit out there?

Let me know.

And in other news this week. Am I the last person to hear about the Harlem Shake? The first little traveller took a pumpkin costume into school this week, when I questioned her choice of attire she told me they were making their own Harlem Shake clip.

I looked at her blankly, blinking to the sound of crickets.

She had to help me out buy showing me this.

And then I found these.

Who knew?

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