The little travellers are home from school today. They are having “virtual” school day. It’s a practice run for the next H1N1 or SARS epidemic, for when the school gets shut down and everyone is expected to work from home.

Such a lovely thought.

I’m not sure what terrifies me more, a viral epidemic of epic proportions, or home schooling.

We are having to schedule computer time at our house, the first little traveller has a laptop (provided by the school) but the other three need to work off of the one desktop at home. It’s 8.36 a.m. and so far there’s only been 4 arguments. There will be wine at the end of today.

G came home early this morning to a rockstar welcome. It was very very cute. After the little travellers had carried his bag upstairs and provided the obligatory hugs, they couldn’t contain themselves any longer “So what’d you get?” There were squeals when G opened the suitcase to expose six boxes of Cherios. They were hugging the boxes. Hugging. After becoming addicted to a tea tree oil body wash from Coles when I was home over the summer, you can imagine my reaction when G found it in TESCO in London, more squeals.

God bless globalization and mass marketing.

There was parmesan cheese, an electric toothbrush and some Berocca for a pregnant friend who is suffering from the cruelest bout of morning sickness. She’s at the I’ll try anything stage. These are the things that can make an expat’s day. A packet of Kale seeds for the garden, a jar of hundreds and thousands, or a block of real Cadbury chocolate.

I think G must have read the can of pate post while he was away. I will never be able to write one of those posts again.

With a thirty minute turn around, G was showered, back in his suit and on his way to the office. They all kissed him goodbye.

So we’re back to normal. A family of six. Tonight we will regroup with a family movie night with quilts, pillows and popcorn on the couch.

“When does Dad have to go again?” the smallest traveller asked.

“He’s in Houston the week after next, but just for a week”

A smirk appeared at the corners of his mouth.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“They’ve got Cherios in Houston”.

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