The Full Cup

I’ve behaved myself all week. And by that, I mean I’ve eaten well and put my head down and got some writing done. This morning was reward time, I caught up with a few girlfriends for a coffee. 
We sat around and talked about our first world problems. Traffic was high on on the list, followed by whether to have a small or a large latte and going to the movies and the movie not playing. Oh and the real drama was when we realized the spinach thingy had been taken off the menu. 
Okay, so it wasn’t that vacuous. There had been some bad news from family, someone was worried about a friend. There was concern about a job and what might be happening in the future. It was the usual day to day stuff. But for the most part, it was first world. 
I found this video the other day and smirked my way through it, but the full cup moment had me giggling out loud.
Got any first world problems?

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