You Were At The…

You were all in my tiny little car today. Taylor Swift came on and I heard you, someone yelled “turn it up”, and someone groaned and said “turn it off!”

You were in the grocery store today. You were asking me to buy barbecue shapes and someone wanted to make a cake, every week someone wants to make a cake. I looked down at my list and wondered which items I would send you off to find.

You were at the mall today, they had stripey board shorts exactly the same as the ones you love, I bought two pairs and told the girl at the checkout they were your favourites. Involving an outsider was a mistake, she asked how old you were and if you were at school. I said yes, and quickly asked if she knew what the weather was going to be tomorrow. Subject changed.

You were at the bakery. The lady suggested I try a miniature cheesymite scroll and told me they’d be great for lunch boxes. I wanted to tell her that your lunch boxes were in Qatar, but I couldn’t. I said yes, and asked if she knew what the weather was going to be tomorrow.

You were in your room today. I made your beds and lay on each one and looked at what you see when you lay there at night. I found a texta mark on the ladder of one of the bunks, and instead of erasing it, I left it, ran my finger over it slowly, and thought of you.

You were in the book store today. Fancy Nancy, My Dad, Enid Blyton, Harry Potter, you were spread like time capsules throughout the store. I saw you laying in bed, knees bent, eyes focussed, heads on pillows, reading solo or together with me. I saw you mouthing words, giggling.

Without packing, planning or forethought, I unknowingly take you with me.

My heart, my thoughts, you’re everywhere.

I take you with me.

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