That’s What Happens When You Mess With The Girls

In 1963, a girl from the city made a visit to a country town to see some family friends. One of the local boys, a cousin of hers, was instructed to take her out for the day and show her around. She ended up on what was effectively a country pub crawl. When she was telling me the story of how the boys would go inside the hotel while she would wait out in the car, I was understandably horrified.

“Why did you put up with that shit?”

“Darling, it was 1963, women were not welcome in the front bar, and I was just happy to be out! It was a different time.”

Today the second little traveller and I were involved in a conversation about the week.

“You know Mum, how there’s the soccer fields at school?”

“Uh huh”

“Well, lately, now that we’re all playing soccer, the boys have kind of been hogging the field”

“Oh, that’s disappointing”

“A couple of girls asked the boys if they could play with them and the boys said ‘no, because girls aren’t as good as boys at soccer'”

“Oh, that’s just dumb on their behalf isn’t it”.

“Sure is Mum, because the girls told a teacher and now the girls have a field all of their own, because Mum, that’s what happens when you mess with the girls.”

Have a great weekend everyone. Kx

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  • JO

    You go, girl …

    (When my daughter was at school – 20 years ago – the science teacher said, ‘Some of your boys will be engineers.’ Daughter sprang to her feet without putting her hand up, deeply sinful, and announced that some of us girls will be too! She was sent to the head – all ended up with me beside her supporting her as she refused to apologise! Thank goodness times have changed!)

  • Amoola

    *thumbs up*

  • wsb

    great to hear you have taught them to stand up for themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ~*~ saskia ~*~

    I have four kids and a suitcase too, no beagle ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy weekend, keep warm and cozy!

  • Simone

    haha, love it!

  • Tamara

    Hi!I’m Tamara. I’m from the Atlanta area in Georgia, USA. For the last two days I have been on your blog nonstop,reading your life in reverse order. I’m pausing now at the point where the London trip had a bit of a paperwork hiccup to let you know I am here because I am not shutting my laptop until I get to the first blog entry.

    I’m a grownup who was raised in Libya, which is how I found your blog (at KhadijaTeri’s link). At first I was just hoping to get to the Libya part. Now, I realize that the blog here doesn’t go back that far. It doesn’t matter. I’m addicted.

    I want to let you know that you are doing everything just right for your kids and they will cherish these moments as a adults when their lives take them in whatever direction life takes them. BTW, I bitched and moaned through many experiences that I now relive in my mind. Going back to the Louvre being on that same spot I was as a sorta bored kid brought tears to my eyes. I’ve had some obstacles in my life and what always helps straighten me out is travel. Until recently I was teaching and ALMOST went to Vienna and ALMOST went to Saudi, but somehow… It didn’t work out. Vienna backed out on me and regretfully, I backed out on Saudi. But the travel bug is in me, and it will be in your kids and that is an amazing thing. I live very modestly so that I can always go somewhere when I need to. Immersing myself in another culture always helps pull me away from the edge. I am calmed after a very American Thanksgiving From Hell by reading here and I just wanted to thank you for it.

    I’m a fan of traveler number two. What you saw as a bit of catastrophe, I saw as a girl getting some serious one on one time with her mother. I might have been cheering a bit for her. I saw her there shivering on the top of that double decker bus (even though she had so graciously agreed to wait on the rest of the clan) having a ball with her mother.

    Anyway, I’ll hush now. I have a lot more reading to do. But I’ve blogged before and wondered why someone was there ALL THE TIME. Who are they? Do they know me? Why are they obessessed with my blog? So I wanted to say hi. And thank you, for getting me through some rough days. I adore your blog, your family and your life. Even though I am more than a tiny bit jealous especially about G. Thanks for writing.

  • Tamara

    crap. That was a lot of words. sorry.

  • Michelle

    I love that. And kudos to the school for actually listening and taking action. That is not always the way.