Of Use

Mothers can easily be of use.

I’m thirsty.

Here’s a glass of water.

I’ve got an owie.

Let me kiss it better.

Where are my shin pads?

Check in the brown bag next to the shoe cupboard.

I don’t have a shirt for soccer.

What about the yellow one from Canada?

I need money for the field trip.

Bring me my purse.

Can you wake me up early?

Let me teach you how to set the alarm.

My days are filled with usefulness.

I am mother, watch me dazzle you with my usefulness.

I am a mother, without her children.

An emperor penguin without an egg to incubate, a teacher without a class, a farmer without a crop.

Yes, there are many other things to do, I just need to remember what they are.

What they were.

On the road to usefulness.

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