Modern Convalescing

In the olden days, like, say, 2002, convalescence at home looked a little different. Perhaps it may have meant a pile of books and magazines stacked next to the bed, with the choice of a few stations on the television. Maybe DVD’s were rented and the cordless phone was nearby.

Things have changed.

From the moment I arrived home and back to the warm embrace of wifi, I have kept the iPad, laptop and iPhone withins arms reach. We have a landline here at the beach, but I couldn’t tell you the last time the phone rang.

Thanks to technology I feel very much in contact with the real world, although it comes with its hazards.

What can begin as a quick search “name movie with Ewan McGregor, Dad, Christopher Plummer, comes out” can turn into an hours worth of movie trailers.

Yesterday I clicked on Mamamia to have a look at a clip from The Today Show, which then somehow turned into twenty clips from The Today Show (a show I manage to live without for most of the year), it was this that had me snorting out loud:

I have the humour of a 12 year old.

Back to Ewan McGregor, the name of the movie is “Beginners”, I’m going to watch it tonight.

Any movie suggestions?

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