Man, like, you know?

I left Doha knowing that Hurricane Sandy was on her way to New York. Like many people I had friends who were either there, or within the general vicinity, so I was keen to hear or read a news report when I landed in Australia.

After picking up the hire car at the airport, I turned on the radio to a leading breakfast program. The hourly news break was followed by a discussion between the three hosts of the show.

“Man, like, you know, it’s just so, man, well, it’s intense”

There was an upwards inflection on the intense. Almost like a question. I was bewildered. How you can work on radio and not have a vocabulary extensive enough to describe the effects of a storm?

I know, I sound like I’m 105 years old.

Am I crazy though? Has anyone else noticed a change in how we speak?

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to see slam poet Taylor Mali. A man who has no problem with either vocabulary or using it effectively. I loved this:

“I challenge you to speak with conviction. To say what you believe in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it.”

We went through a phase with the little travellers where everyone had to bring a new idea to the dinner table each week. It was fantastic while it lasted, we had discussions about anything that had sparked an interest with the travellers. We stopped doing it awhile ago and I really don’t know why, but, I’m bringing it back.

I also want to add an extra component, we’re going to bring a new word to the table (I know, this could be fraught with danger). Each child, one idea and one word for the week – that’s not hard.

I’ll be interested in the little travellers response to the new rule. You know, like, it’ll probably be, you know, intense.

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