What Would You Do?

It’s Friday, it’s time for a giggle.

We are big Graham Norton watchers in our house. I often get lost in a Graham Norton youtube vortex, somehow I click on one clip and twenty minutes disappears. This one popped up this week. Surely your most embarrassing moment couldn’t be worse than this? If it is – you have to share!

The little travellers are Halloween crazy, without sounding like to much of a heathen, it may possibly be their all time favourite holiday. Whenever I tell them Australians don’t do Halloween, they look at me like I’m making some sort of cruel and heinous joke. With the combination of G’s birthday, it is always frantic here in the lead up. One of the things I knew I had to get organized before leaving was their costumes; this year we have a bee, a blue crayon, a soldier and a zombie, they look hysterical together. We’ll decorate the house this week, I’ll buy the treats and hopefully it will all run smoothly for G on the day. There’s no school on Halloween so at least he’ll be spared the pain of packing 4 costumes in a bag amongst the usual chaos. This made me laugh this week:

And now, it’s time to ask for advice.

I’ve been thinking of leaving a picture of me and each traveler next to their beds while I’m away, but I’m a little torn about the idea. Will this just make them sadder? Or will it be comforting?

What do you think?

What would you do?

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