No, I Will Not be in Your Superbusy Mummy Bloggers Competition

The Superbusy Mummy Blogger is often approached by websites. When they aren’t asking her to write free content they get busy with trying to get her to join their competition.

In my early days of blogging I’m ashamed to say I fell for it. If you want to feel really dirty, try asking your friends and readers to vote for you on a daily basis.


It took me way too long to work out that all I was doing was ramping up some random website’s statistics. And for what?

A badge.

A badge to put on my blog so that I could continue to give free advertising.

Maybe it’s clever marketing, or maybe it’s just another way of scamming hard working Bloggers into doing something for nothing?

Here’s the Super Busy Mummy Blogger this week:

Here’s Kristy the very first Superbusy Mummy Blogger
Here’s the Superbusy Mummy Blogger talking about Spam
Here she is being asked how much she makes? She loves that question.

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