Life is Broken Up Into Stories

Life is broken up into stories. I have pages I don’t want to revisit and entire chapters that I will return to and settle in for an afternoon of reminiscing.

Too often as a child my future was told as one story. A common story, one that I saw each evening on the television, read in books and watched in my own household. The beginning was my childhood, the middle was my education and career, the end was the happily ever after, the partner, the children.

And then the story ended, there was never a mention of what came next. Happy family, happy career, happy ending.

Midlife crisis anyone?

There needs to be another chapter, there has to be more to the story.

I’m starting to craft mine into a rough draft now. Ideas are suggested and I pencil them in.

“We should go and work in New York for twelve months when the kids are grown” consider it penciled.

“We could always go back to the States and do a short contract” noted.

G’s rough draft has images of Black Angus Beef, small properties and a house that is both simple but big enough to sleep a truck load of visitors.

These notes, go into the next chapter. The one where G and I return to our former state and begin again as a duo.

This chapter provides the twist. The main characters are smarter, she’s learnt to listen a little more, he’s not in such a hurry. They will have the same burning desire to discover, but there will be a different context and setting. There are no strollers or Chicken Little backpacks, they will travel lightly – always.

This story doesn’t have to be a new one, there will be no closing of one book to open another, it will roll from one chapter to the next, its younger characters will remain but may not feature as prominently for they have started their own spinoff in the series.

The new setting will have pictures of pigtails, sports uniforms and band practice, but it will now be lined with the books, technology, and the beautiful things that are currently hidden out of arms reach. There will be pages of long lunches, voluntary work, spare of the moment drives, extended holidays and new discoveries.

Life is broken up into stories.

Do you ever think of the story after this one?

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