How much do you make?

If you write a personal blog, you can’t really get upset when things start getting personal. I get it that I’m fair game and I’ve perhaps overshared at times, but there’s really nothing I’d remove from this space – nothing that I’m ashamed of.

There’s a balance with blogging though, and I think there is a time when all bloggers begin to define what their blog will be. Is it a bit of fun, a journal, or is it something they hope to turn into a business? Something that they will try and grow and use in their career.

The business of blogging.

And that’s where the line gets blurry.

Is it cool to ask me how much I make? Would you ask if I was a nurse? Would you ask if I were a policewoman? Would you ask if I had just delivered your lunch to you in a restaurant?

Last week I introduced you to the Super Busy Mummy Blogger, she was super busy talking to a brand representative. This week she wiped herself out at a party after meeting this guy, she’s met him before, sometimes he’s a woman, and every time without fail she walks away feeling a little bit dirty.

Why is that?

She’s tempted to change the conversation…

If you missed episode one of the Super Busy Mummy Bloggers, you can find it here.

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