What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

There are some people on this planet who truly see the world as a beautiful place, people who have faith in humanity.

Before I die I want to…

I asked the children will varying amounts of success.

The girls (my first and second little travellers) didn’t like the question. The second threw her hands in the air and said “That’s too hard, I want to do EVERYTHING!” When you’re ten you still have a million years to live and you just know they’ll be time for everything. The first little traveller was on the final chapter of the third book in The Hunger Games series when I made the mistake of approaching her with my ridiculous eye roll inducing question. I left her to it.

I asked the fourth little traveller what he wanted to do before he died.

“I want to bungy jump from a helicopter that’s 10 miles high in the sky”

The third announced that he wanted to be a “heroic soldier”

The fourth traveller jumped in with “she said BEFORE you die not HOW are you going to die”.

I asked G over dinner

“I want to learn how to sail”.

For me, there’s lots of obvious ones. I’d like to finish my book, there are people on this planet who feel they may die before seeing this happen. *Waves to Carol the Editor*

I’d also like to live in New York for at least six months, no wait, twelve months. I’d like to have a business where I actually made something, something tangible that I could hold in my hand and say “wow, I made this”. As long as I didn’t have to go to work at 5.30am on a Saturday morning.

What do you want to do before you die?

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