Saturday Smiles with Toast

It’s Saturday, which in my world is Sunday, because Thursday turned into Friday and….well, you know how it works. I’m told I’ll know I’m local when I stop explaining that our weekend is Friday/Saturday – three years, still not local.

G has began sailing lessons on Saturday mornings, I love this for a variety of reasons, one of which is he’s happy and arrives home with lattes, another is it gives me the opportunity to look in his direction at any time of the day and say “Well, Hello sailor”. It also allows me two hours on a Saturday morning to eat toast with the little travellers and not get out of my pajamas. When you’re married to someone who has no idea, nor inclination to just sit and do nothing – this is pure bliss. Guilt free sloth time.

I’ve been writing every day on the blog. Seven days a week. And I’ve been thinking that I should really choose one day where I don’t write. Yesterday was a heavy day, and it’s hard to know what to write next when you’ve written about something so incredibly sad.

I’ve decided Saturday might be a good day to relax and share.

So, here it is. Things that have made me smile this week.

Meet Norman – I love Norman.

The little travellers, like the rest of the world are all perfecting their “Gangnam Style” – I loved this mother and son duo on Ellen. What do you reckon Mum? Shall we give it a go?

We Bought A Zoo was the movie night choice on Thursday night. I was up late watching Letterman years ago and saw Matt Damon do his Mathew McConaughey impression.  I went back to find it and discovered he’s done it more than once. Thank you to this very serious Matt Damon fan who put all the clips together. McConaughey is a really hard name to spell!

Anything you want to share?

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