No Alcohol, No Bird, No Underwire

Someone took the initiative with an email. The result was a group of women, some new some not so new (we won’t say old). They formed a ridiculously large empty circle on the outskirts of a coffee shop as the group began to swell. I watched introductions get made, and within moments women were talking honestly about being terrified to drive, and the added pressure of the first day of school being in another country.

They offered their phone numbers, advice on where to shop for certain groceries, how to find a dentist, and why there are just some things you cannot do in Qatar. Zero tolerance for alcohol while driving and do not give anyone the bird when you’re out in the car, wear a bra without an underwire for your medical and you’ll get to keep your gear on.

Friendships were formed. I heard giggles. 
It crossed my mind that these are the things that women do without thinking. And yes, sometimes we bitch and we moan and we talk unnecessarily about things that we shouldn’t. But sometimes we get it so extraordinarily right.
I read “Lift” the other night (while I was avoiding all those questions). It’s a quick 45 minute read. Loved it.
On Amazon (here’s the link)
I love Kelly Corrigan’s work. If you haven’t read The Middle Place, it’s a truly beautiful read, but my all time favourite of Kellys is something I saw years ago on youtube. I know you’ve all probably already seen it, but if you haven’t seen it for awhile – it’s a nice reminder that we as women, are pretty remarkable people.

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